Happy and Digital New Year

Dear readers, dear friends, In 2020… Be ready !

How many emerging technologies did’nt get the fate they deserved because we wera not ready for them ? Amid technological failures of the last decades, we can pay tribute to Apple’s Newten, born in 1994, which looked like today’s tablets.

We were not ready, and the technological support was certainly too much advanced regarding our use back then.  It happens sometime : ideas are good, fresh, they fulfill a need, and they disappear as quickly as they appeared… Some shooting stars, enlightening for a time the Pantheon of technology, science, discovery, openness of humankind on their World and their culture.

We could name quite a few technological failure, like Nokia’s N-Cage, one thought to become first ever multifunction cellphone, but which vanished in 2005 with only 2 million sales. Yet again, there was a large gap that time coult not fulfill between the amazing idea, the perfectible device and the difficulty for men to take full control of what they can create,  Answering needs, having « bankable » ideas, creating, giving birth to the need for objects that will be in our lifes tomorrow, that seems like marketing more than social development. That applies to videogames and digital too.

2020 should take us a step further into digital era, and that raises both social and psychological questions. 2020 should be a renewal year for videogames, with new consoles arriving, The industry is excited, players are concerned as those consoles could be the last of their kind, before entering into a full-digital era. Virtual Reality could take us a step further into immersive gameplay, screens will take on a new rôle : bigger, but yet way more discrete. We have to accept those technological advancements, it could be dangerous trying to evolve without them. But we also have to learn to master them, and we have to be ready to do so. Digital is a whole part of our history. It was so yesterday, it is so today, it will be so tomorrow. That doesn’t make us idiots !

2019 marked the birth of psycheclic.com. It allowed us to meet you so we could amaze ourselves and think at what we do. Thanks to you, your « like », your cheers, your shares and your opinions, we start this new year with an envy : to give you more. More content, more deepth in our articles, but most importantly more presence. Surprises are on their way, and we are happy to share them with you.

New Year, new resolution ! This year, we engage us to translate some articles of your favorite website.

So readers, Have greats times ! Have fun !

Happy new year everybody, be ready.

Digitally yours,

The redaction.


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